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"SCORE mentoring has been invaluable. You may think you know what to do, but there are so many small, daily decisions of every imaginable type. Without SCORE, we would have missed this perspective."

~ Christian, Hexenbelle co-owner


"SCORE has truly been phenomenal! They’re smart, creative and experienced individuals in business and I plan to hold on to my relationship with SCORE and follow it to success."

~ Hank Fields, White Bison Native Art


"SCORE guided us in securing Payroll Protection funds, so Benzie Senior Resources was able to continue providing Meals on Wheels, in-home health care and a range of other vital services. Their help was invaluable."

~ Nancy Mullen Call, BSR board chair


It’s actually these workshops that helped us double our social media input from our customers and our likes on Facebook, and without that we wouldn’t have been able to grow the business like we have. The workshops for me are all a "10."

~ Tina Zinn, The Cheese Lady




With over 30 years in the game, SCORE TC assists 500 new and established businesses annually in northern Michigan.  Plus, our team has been ranked as a top 10 chapter for the past eight seasons out of over 300 chapters nationwide! 

Accessing SCORE’s knowledgeable trove of business expertise is always free and available for as long as needed by start-ups and current businesses.  Join our winning team today for your confidential mentoring.

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Monthly Schedule

January 20 — Zoom Webinar

Basic Steps to Start a Business

Presenter Rob Hughes/ SCORE Gr Rapids

Learn the basics to guide your start up journey to success. Become a successful entrepreneur who builds a business that thrives and survives

February 17 — Zoom Webinar

Marketing and Branding Basics

Presenters Tanya Berg, Barbara Shellman/ SCORE TC Certified Mentors

Marketing is essential to launch and grow any business. Learn about the 4 P’s of marketing, as well as the basics of branding, messaging, and how to avoid common marketing mistakes.
Note: This workshop is for those who want to gain a basic understanding about marketing essentials for small businesses.

March 17 — Zoom Webinar

Market Research and Planning

Presenters Melissa McKenna, Head of Adult Services, TADL & Tanya Berg, SCORE TC Certified Mentor

Learn how easily accessible market research tools can help you research your business idea, assess your potential, and develop your business plan.
Note: This workshop is designed for those who are developing a business plan and determining the market potential of their business concept.


Optimize Your Website for Google’s Core Web Vitals

Presenter Mitch Park/ Contempo Solutions

Review best practices on how to make your website healthy, fast and easy to use. You’ll learn how to test your website using the tools provided by Google and how to fix and improve common mistakes to generate more traffic and sales.


2022 Guide to eCommerce: Create an Online Store and Generate Sales

Presenter Mitch Park/ Contempo Solutions, Traverse City

Get an overview of the best platforms, practices and tools to make your store more successful. We’ll cover converting visitor into sales; creating an unparalleled product page. Streamline your checkout, shipping, taxes and payment methods. Plus SEO and more!

June 16 — Zoom Webinar

The Value Proposition Canvas/ Deliver What Customers Want

Presenter Robert Hughes/ SCORE GR Rapids

Your “Value Proposition” describes how your business will solve a problem or fulfill a need for your customers. The Value Proposition Canvas is a simple tool to help you create Great Value Propositions that lead to more customers. Learn to design, test and deliver what your customers want!


Financing Sources – From Crowdfunding to Banking

Presenter Michael Caruso/ SCORE TC Certified Mentor

A panel of experts from various financing sources will discuss what they look for in a business plan and how they decide to provide funding for a new business. Discover your financial options and how best to find sources successfully.


Cyber Security for Small Businesses, Make your Company Bullet-proof

Presenter Al Steed/ Advanced Computer Solutions, Traverse City

Learn from an expert how small businesses can protect themselves from cyber threats. In this workshop, you’ll learn about common cyber threats, understand how to spot your vulnerabilities, and plan steps to improve your cybersecurity.


Managing Your Time, Managing Your Life

Presenter Linda Ketterer/ SCORE TC Certified Mentor

Time Management is a stumbling block to achieving productivity and satisfaction for many people. Explore key ideas for making long lasting changes to your work habits and better prioritize not only work tasks, but how you divvy your time in all key areas of life.


Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Presented by Al Everett/ SCORE TC Certified Mentor

Discover how to evaluate and make improvements to your sales process, create an elevator pitch, and gain valuable networking tips and ideas. We’ll also cover tips for managing your time and people resources and when to utilize outside resources.

November 17 — Zoom Webinar

Social Media for Your Business Part 1

Presenter Melissa Davis/ Wise Digital Marketing, Detroit

Understanding the critical 7 steps for an effective social media strategy is key to business success. We’ll review what you really need to know about the proper care and feeding of your social media platforms and learn tips and tools to manage content.

December 15 — Zoom Webinar

Social Media for Your Business Part 2

Presenter Melissa Davis/ Wise Digital Marketing, Detroit

Effective digital marketing means finding the sweet spot when targeting your audience, developing messaging and meeting key business objectives online. We’ll discuss how to amplify your brand identity and maximize community impact.



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