There’s a volunteer Certified SCORE TC Mentor to fit every business and every question. And it’s all free!

SCORE TC in northwest Michigan is rated #7 in the country, comprised of 45 local volunteer businessmen and women, both employed and retired, who give time and energy in support of emerging entrepreneurs and the growing businesses of our region.

Our Mission

Foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education.  We pair experienced business people with entrepreneurs to mentor them through their business development and growth.

Our Vision

Every person has the support necessary to thrive as a small business owner.

Our Mentors

Your local SCORE Traverse City mentors are current and retired businessmen and women who volunteer their time to support and grow small businesses in northern Michigan.  SCORE mentors will meet face-to-face or virtually with clients to provide guidance and advice on how to start a small business or grow an existing business.  Entrepreneurs are paired with experts experienced in accounting, legal issues, business planning, marketing, distribution, selling, acquisitions, etc.   

SCORE Traverse City mentors have learned valuable lessons in their careers and are willing to give their time and share this knowledge and insight with others who need confidential business guidance.  We want to help start-up companies and 2nd and 3rd-tier established businesses thrive in our community.