Your Success is Our Success

SCORE TC mentors provide Free, Confidential and Invaluable advice for those who are in business today but looking for ways to grow tomorrow. See what our 45 business mentors can do for you!

SCORE Traverse City mentors are comprised of 45 experienced business professionals who volunteer their time and counsel to those committed to seeing their business– their livelihood–continue to grow and succeed.

You may have a successful business and want to take it to the next level but perhaps you're not quite sure what steps you should take. Your business may not be performing up to your expectations and you are looking for ideas and solutions. Whether a mature or early stage business that has questions ranging from simple to complex business development strategies….SCORE TC can help!

Think of SCORE TC as your personal team of business advisors who can help guide you through the challenges and opportunities of scaling your business prudently and profitably whether for the near or long term.

SCORE TC  has been mentoring established businesses and start-ups for over 40 years and has a nationwide network of over 13,000 volunteers to help entrepreneurs just like you. Here in northern Michigan, we are fortunate to have more than 45 SCORE mentors with extensive business experience and skill sets such as:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Business Development
  • Legal
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Human Resources
  • Acquisition/Selling a Business etc.

All from dozens of professions and industries who are ready to help.

Your initial meeting with SCORE TC will focus on gaining a better understanding of your business needs and goals, and addressing as many of your key questions as possible. If needed, your mentors will bring in additional SCORE mentors with specialized expertise for subsequent meetings.

There are three ways to put yourself face-to-face with a knowledgeable, volunteer SCORE TC Mentor:

  1. The quickest way to arrange a specific time and day for mentoring is to use the Online Self-Scheduler to make an appointment. Simply click Schedule Mentoring and choose the date and time that you prefer from among those available. You’ll soon receive an e-mail message from SCORE TC confirming your appointment*.
  2. Many find it convenient to contact SCORE by telephone. Dial (888) 796-4913 and leave your name, phone number and a convenient time that you may be reached and a SCORE TC Mentor will contact you.
  3. If all else fails, send an e-mail to SCORE to request an appointment. Include your name, your phone number, the business subject that you’d like to discuss, and indicate a preferred time on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday that would be convenient for you. A SCORE Mentor will contact you to confirm the time, date and place*.

* SCORE Mentoring appointments are available at the following places and days:

  • The SCORE TC office at the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce, 202 E. Grandview Parkway in Traverse City, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (AM).
  • The Traverse Area District Public Library, 610 Woodmere Avenue in Traverse City, on Saturday mornings.

Other dates, times and places may be scheduled by appointment.