Protect Your Brand- How to Create a Trademark That’s Truly Distinctive July 30, 2019, 1:00pm EDT July 30, 2019, 1:00pm EDT
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Your brand is your most valuable and important business asset—and at most risk for theft. Your brand, which includes your business name, your product or service names and your logo, is protected under trademark law. Trademark law is quite complicated and can be very confusing. So, it’s important to get the right help at the right time.

Vigilantly protecting your brand is a non-negotiable for all business owners, whether you’re just starting or growing your company.

Join this webinar presented by intellectual property attorney Kelley Keller, Esq. and learn: 

  • What is a trademark and why it matters to your business
  • How to choose a strong trademark you can protect over time, both online and offline
  • Why federally registering trademarks is an important step when growing your business

About the Presenter(s)

 Kelley   Keller, Esq.

Kelley Keller, Esq. is an intellectual property (IP) attorney, speaker, and relentless legal and business educator with more than 20 years of experience in the IP field. She also offers education to small business owners, creative and coaching professionals, digital entrepreneurs, and established businesses about starting, building, and growing a Rock Solid Business.

Intellectual Property Attorney, The Keller Law Firm, LLC
Protect Your Brand- How to Create a Trademark That’s Truly Distinctive