Tech Made Simple: Using Technology to Jumpstart Your Sales August 31, 2011

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We’ll cover the many profitable reasons to market your products and services online. Many small businesses mistakenly assume their company may not benefit from using a transactional (e-commerce) website. However, all businesses can achieve new vitality and increased sales using an effective online presence.

Even worst case situations generate new and important information about your current and potential customer universe. This data will also help you jumpstart and rejuvenate sales if you act on this information.

This workshop will also introduce a wonderful marketing model that you can use to increase your sales and profits. Techniques to jumpstart sales are so valuable, you cannot afford to miss this workshop. Even if your business is currently widely successful, you’ll benefit from learning alternative marketing tactics.

Using Technology to Jumpstart Your Sales is one of five Tech Made Simple workshops, each focusing on a different way that technology can help grow your small business.

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