SCORE mentors offer

Confidential, free individual coaching for start-up and existing businesses

More than 45 business professionals from the Grand Traverse area volunteer their time to serve as SCORE mentors. They represent a wide variety of experience, talent, and perspectives:

  • Generalists who have owned and built their own successful small businesses.
  • Specialists with experience in subjects like legal issues, accounting, finance, product development, business operations, and marketing.
  • Experts in business planning and financing for start-up ventures.

Together, this team of SCORE mentors brings almost a millennium of business experience to support you as you start and grow your small business. While some mentors join SCORE after retiring from their careers, half of our mentors are actively engaged in the workplace, with a deep understanding of current business practices and opportunities. SCORE mentors are diverse in age, gender and expertise.

In addition to business training, SCORE mentors are certified in best practices for advising small business owners. At your first appointment with SCORE, you will meet with two mentors who will help to assess your needs and connect you with specialist mentors as needed. Many small business owners maintain a “coaching” relationship with SCORE mentors for months or years after start-up, for advice on growth strategies, diversification, or even the sale of their businesses.

Thanks to supporting from SCORE’s community partners and the U.S. Small Business Association, all mentoring services are offered free of charge.